That first post

Hello, you beautiful browser!

Thank you so much for wandering into our little corner of the internet – where the temperature setting is just right and there’s plenty of comfortable, yet oh-so-instagrammable chairs for you to choose from.

So, first things first, would you like a cup of tea? We have several flavours strewn about – so go and take a seat whilst we you make a delicious brew.

All virtual tea happenings aside, it’s great to have you stop by. We know there’s a tank-load of potential worksmiths for you to choose from, so we’re thrilled you’re here and – okay, okay, we’ll stop pestering you with praise. Enjoy the tea whilst we enjoy babbling about other topics.

The first posts on any new site are always a little odd. Without having a massive following, and just having introduced our baby into the word, we are still trying to iron out the kinks and find out what makes you all explode with happiness and glitter, and you know – what you actually like to read. 

Right now, we’re asking ourselves, why ARE you here? Why has a wonderful reader like yourself decided to peruse our website long enough to find our musings? Were you curious, bored, or simply snooping around? Were you so wooed by our enigmatic words on the other four pages that you just HAD to have a peep here too? Or are you here totally by mistake – originally looking for some rust coloured bed sheets?

Either way, we hope we’re living up to your expectations (sorry about the linen though – we CAN recommend some killer suppliers if you need a helping hand!) and you’re liking your time here on Rust Creative.

Personally, we are big fans of the blogging world. Are we nosy, and a little obsessed with reading about other people’s career evolutions and how they keep their creativity alive? Yes. And do we love a good dose of fashion and interiors inspiration? Abso-bloody-lutely! But that may not be why you’re here (again, it could just be for the sheets).

We hope that over the coming months and years, our musings can lend you a little inspiration, and be a pick me up at the end of a big fuck off week. Think of us as the friend who says exactly what’s been on your mind – with no sugar coating necessary.

If you’re still with us, then thanks. We hope you enjoyed the tea!

On a slightly more practical note, if you have any topics or questions you’d like us to divulge into, feel free to drop us an email or comment on any of our instagram posts. We’d love nothing more than to create a community of badass, kindred spirits who support each other and share our experiences to help others.

Until the next brew,


Team Rust


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Our Mission

Rust Creative helps women in their twenties fast-track finding their purpose. Through 1:1 coaching, group programs and specialised resources, we offer women clarity and direction so that they can ENJOY the most exciting decade of their lives. And tea, always tea.


The Rust Woman

AKA Our Ideal Client.

She's a savvy twenty-something looking for a safe space to he heard and supported. She's confident that she can achieve her goals, but she doesn't know how she'll get there – yet. She KNOWS she has a purpose but needs a helping hand to uncover it.