5 Simple ways to improve your customer service experience

When you think of customer service, you might automatically associate it with any poor soul who works at the service counter at Woolworths, or the team of an online store who answer your frantic emails about out of stock jeans and temperamental discount codes.Whilst these are both variations of customer service, they might not specifically apply to you.

So the first step is working out, what is my customer service experience? AKA – how do customers interact with you on a day to day basis and what are they greeted with?

Are you fun, friendly and chat to them like you’re old pals? Or do you keep it strictly professional and add ‘Kind regards’ to every email and correspondence in between?

Either way, it all comes down to your tone of voice, which we go into more detail too very soon and taking that tone of voice and making sure it’s consistent across your brand and touch points.

But what has that got to do with my customer service, you may ask. Well – a lot.


Send a thank you note

Don’t go rolling your eyes! The power of the thank you note has been seriously underrated since emails took over the world, but it’s slowly making a comeback. If you can, get some branded postcards made up to scrawl your messages onto. OR if your handwriting is more 3-year-old than calligrapher, you can order handwritten cards through the wonderful Thankly, who will arrange for them to be delivered to your recipient’s door.


Recommendations rules

Sometimes, we simply don’t have the tools to do what someone is asking of us. A great example of this is someone rocking up to your fruit stall wanting strawberries when you only sell raspberries. You can’t magically conjure up strawberries for the poor shopper, but you CAN recommend a great vendor just down the road who’s got what they need. There’s no shame in saying “sorry, we don’t do that here, but we know someone awesome who can”. It’s a win for the customer, as they’ll still get what they want, and it’s good karma for you.


Celebrate your client’s wins

Whether they’ve cracked 1000 Instagram followers or have just launched a new product, a quick congrats to your client will never go astray. Even if you’ve been heavily involved with the project, calling or messaging them shows that you’re truly proud of them and the project and will only strengthen your business bond.


Set up an automatic response

We get it, you’re a busy gal, but that doesn’t mean potential new clients should be shoved in the corner next to that pile of unfolded clothes. If they’ve approached your business to work together, then they want to know that their time is going to be valued.
The easiest way to do this is to set up an automatic response message to whip out when you can’t reply immediately. Facebook Messenger has a super easy set up, and Gmail’s Vacation responder lets you customise who receives said replies and how long for.


Don’t be afraid to help

Sure, it may be easier to rattle off the quickest answer when someone comes to you with a query, but if you can tell they are still more confused than someone watching Lost, please, HELP THEM OUT. You never know who you might be helping, and what connections they may have.


Case in point

We recently got in a pickle in New Zealand when the app for our Travel Money card wasn’t working. Before panicking, we did the logical thing and called the support centre to help us out. Unfortunately, they acted like we were total idiots and didn’t know our logins (we did); so we promptly hung up and called our travel agent, who was in AUSTRALIA and still sorted out the issue in less than two minutes. We thanked her with a card and a box of chocolates upon our return, because she totally saved our frozen asses over there!

And that friends, is what we like to call a win-win situation. We got more money on our card, and the lovely Zoe got rewarded for going above and beyond for two panicked customers.

If that isn’t a good reason to improve your customer service, then we don’t know what is.

Until the next brew,


Team Rust


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