An empty website on the open seas

Have you ever stumbled across a website looking for a place to stay or a service you desperately needed yesterday?

Of course you have! It’s the 21st century. We live for Google and Uber Eats. As in, how would the earth even spin without the reassurance of Mother India delivering to your door in under 25 minutes. We’re kidding, but it’s still a joyous thought, nonetheless.

Our point is that sometimes you jump onto a website searching for a particular piece of info – and dun dun. There’s the absolute BARE minimum of text across the site.

It’s dismal. It’s unhelpful. And it looks plain shit.

This may sound a little harsh coming from the crew who preach about copywriting education – but this is something everyone need to be educated on.

It’s honestly hard to describe the level of disappointment one feels when you’re looking for a special something, find the perfect business/website and once committing to the click through you are left out to dry like a load of linen sheets.

Aren’t bothered when this happens?

Well, you should be, my friend, because an average viewer only gives a website seven seconds to impress them! Seven. Flipping. Seconds.

That’s significantly less time than it takes to cook a piece of toast or your beloved Mi Goreng; and yet that’s all the time we’re given to show the world who we are and convince them to love us.

So, that brings us to the very important question of: how’s your website content? Does it dazzle? Does it educate? Does it intrigue? Does it make the reader smile at how #relatable you are?

If you can’t confidently answer a big ‘fuck yes’ to any of those questions, then you might be in a boatload of trouble, pal.

And that’s okay (yes, we really mean that!) because there are so many people in that boat. Too many, in fact. There’s a real Titanic lifeboat situation going on online at the moment – and we all know how that movie turned out (us, sobbing into our tea, cursing Rose for all eternity).

Let’s face it, no one wants to be the sucker left on that sinking ship. You want to be cruising off into safety, knowing that your copy is tight and your life jacket secure.

If this post has made you start scrolling with anxiety, then please: stop yourself right now and go put the kettle on.

Website copywriting in 2018 is a damn fine art, and sometimes you need a seasoned painter (*ahem*, copywriter) to get the job done.

If you think we’re your Michelangelo, then send us an email with the code “webart” to receive a free, 1 hour website copy consult and 10% off any of our website copywriting services.

Until the next brew,


Team Rust


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