Dissecting our Instagram strategy

Grab your napkins, because this is going to be one juicy post.

It’s not very often that you see a brand come right out and shout their strategies from the rooftops, but we at Rust strongly believe in collaboration over competition, so we’d thought we’d share some of our tips and tricks and the secrets to our ever blooming Instagram account.

Disclaimer: The number of followers you have is NOT everything. They don’t reflect how well you’re business is doing and they certainly don’t reflect how much work you’re doing. In the end, it’s just a number, but it certainly is encouraging when that number grows because people like what you’re doing.

So without further ado, here’s a peek behind our brand, and how we show it off in squares.


The first thing we did after purchasing our business and domain name, was get an Instagram and Facebook account. Facebook was easy – we got @rustcreative and were happy as pie. Instagram, on the other hand, forced us to chuck a cheeky underscore in our handle, because someone with 0 posts, 0 followers and 0 followed accounts managed to snap up the name before us. So we’re @rust_creative, and it does the job.


We knew our audience was on Instagram, so that’s the first thing we worked on building. Whilst we learnt about business emails and website headers behind the scenes, we posted on Instagram everyday. And still try to now.

We don’t have a strict schedule or time of day. We use the same 10 or so hashtags and add on a few extras depending on what the image or caption is relating to. Up until now, we’ve avoided planning apps because we like to find our imagery organically and mix up what we’re posting depending on the day, and what we feel like writing.


Rust Creative is inspired by a lot of things. We adore natural landscapes and the ocean, and subtly coloured architecture and dappled sunlight. We follow a lot of fashion and linen bedding brands (who produce products in our brand colours, naturally) and love interesting shots of women dancing or moving in nature. We have 6 brand colours that are used throughout our website and stationery, and we also make sure that any image we post contains at least one of those colours. We also have a thing for words, so we incorporate text-based images with cool sayings that aren’t your usual cookie-cutter inspirational quotes.


Writing all of that seems like a lot of effort to put into one app of squares. And sure, it is, but we treat our Instagram as our brand’s moodboard, so we’re happy to put in a little extra time to make it look pretty.

You may also notice that we always credit our sources. As writers, we see far too many quotes being thrown about without acknowledging who crafted those words. The same goes for photography, and design, and anything that someone makes, really. We see a nice picture or a cool print and forgot to think about how long it took for the artist to create it. It might be their best piece of work, but if nobody credits it, how will the artist ever be recognised for it?

We could go on and on about the influences and thoughts behind our humble little Instagram account, but hopefully this post has given YOU some inspiration to put some thought behind your socials and use them as little moodboards and portfolios that show off the best of your brand.


Until the next brew,

Team Rust


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


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