5 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly Okay Not Being ‘Full Time’ in Biz (Yet)

There seems to be a certain misconception that anyone who starts a business immediately dives into it full time. It’s their be all or end all, their ultimate gamble and the very definition of “winging it”.

And yet, statistically, more and more new business owners continue to launch whilst hanging a secure day job. They side hustle until the sun comes up, and rely strongly on caffeine, airtight systems and processes and sheer belief in their cause.

For many, the ultimate goal is to go full time in their own business, but the timeline remains unique for each individual dreamer.

Some make the magic happen in less than six months, three even. Others manage to make the jump before their biz baby turns one. Then there are the quiet achievers, silently plodding on for a couple of years until the time is right for them.

There’s no right or wrong way to go full time – but there are a few reasons why it’s okay to still be in that in between phase.


You’re working towards a financial goal

We’ve all heard of the financial runway/safely blanket (I.e. setting aside a certain amount of savings to use as back up when you go full time) and it’s so well versed for a reason. It’s smart. It’s practical. It’ll get you out of a lot of hot water. There’s no shame in building up your savings account to a comfortable sum – and then some. No one but you can decide what that amount is, and when you get there you’ll feel equally elated and shit scared. Enjoy!


You’re building from the ground up

There are certain people who launch businesses with a list of industry contacts, valuable connections and inquiring clients. Those people are lucky buggers. The majority of business owners (especially younger ones) start with no flipping clue. Google becomes your mentor and any advice you can squeeze out of friends and family is a gold mine. It will take your longer to do things from scratch and on your own, sure, but when you’ve reached your version of success it will feel so damn good.


You’re thinking of more than just yourself

We can’t always afford the luxury to be selfish when it comes income levels. Having children and pets automatically means we have to factor in providing for beings who can’t do so for themselves. Maybe you’re in a relationship and are sharing the expenses 50/50. Your heart may be dying to ditch your shitty day job and pursue the unknown, but your brain is gently reminding it that it’s your turn for rent next week.


Quality over quantity

You’re the type of person who wants to get their logo designed once, instead of edited three times. You want a great website, instead of a crappy one that you don’t know how to use. You want to build up a solid, returning client base instead of sporadic jobs here and there. You’re happy to bide your time and work on creating great things instead of quick things. And it will pay off, trust me.


You’re happy as you are

There’s absolutely NO shame in wanting to only do your business part time. Maybe you love your day job equally, or your business is more of a passion project that brings in some extra coin. Regardless of the reason, it’s totally okay to be doing other things. Emma Gannon wrote an entire book on the rise of slashers and multi-hyphenates because THAT’S the future of the world. Dabbling in different areas. Doing lots of interesting things. Having one job forever is so last century. You’re doing you and that’s all that matters.


Until the next brew,


Team Rust


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