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Website Copy

A brilliant website is the most powerful tool in your digital arsenal – so it’s got to read well. Over tea and scones, we’ll write the story of your brand and put your products on the pedestal they deserve.


Brand Voice Development

Ever gone to write something for your biz and thought “how the heck do I articulate this?”. You’re not alone, pal. Creating authentic brand voices is our jam – and we’re pretty dang good at it too.


Have you written a brilliant ebook, blog post or course – but need a second pair of eyes to check it over before you hit ‘publish’? Send it straight to Rust, and sit back with a face mask whilst we edit your worries away.


Blog Posts

Let’s keep both Google and your readers happy with engaging, interesting articles that make your brand shine! Feel free to exhale in relief, and finally cross ‘attempt blogging’ off that never ending list of yours.

Exploration Sessions

Let’s go on a journey of discovery that the Mighty Boosh would be proud of. Whether you’re looking to find your voice or put some strategy behind Instagram, Rust will be the helpful and impeccably dressed aunt that you’ve always wished for.

Wonderful Words

Do you need some content for a brochure or newsletter that people will *actually* enjoy reading? Don’t stop there, because our writing services are limitless. Whether it’s editing, a refresher or starting from scratch, Rust will compose the perfect blend for you.


Ahh, ideas, what wonderful things.

It’s great that you’ve got a fire in your belly and inspiration at your side – congrats you! – but now there’s a lot to do. Whether you’re still in the “scribbling notes on the back of shopping lists” phase or have hashed out a fancy 5 year plan, don’t forget the copy!

You may know how awesome your business is/will be, but chances are – everyone else does not. It’s time to invest in some quality words to get customers flocking to your creation – and showcase just how rad your dream really is.

The Bloomer

 Yipee, you’ve got a website in the works! Good on you for treating yourself to your own little space on the web – but how’s the copy sounding? If you’re unsure on how to bedazzle your potential customers with the perfect cocktail of information and brand personality, then look no further than The Bloomer. Rust will make you sound like the expert you are, whilst keeping things light and entertaining for your readers.

Your cup of tea if: You’ve got a delicious new website in the oven, but forgot the ice cream (copy) that completes the dish. Preferable for new websites.

The Soundtrack

For those who have a kick ass brand and a sweet little logo, but are still searching for their ‘voice’. You’re ready to develop a brand personality that can be the Eric to your Ariel, and are excited to let your following know who your biz really is and effortlessly shrug about how cool you/they are.

Your cup of tea if: You have an established business whose identity needs a little love. Rust will take you on a journey of adventure and discovery to strengthen your brand, sans the eels and dodgy magical contracts.

The Introvert

You’re quite the clever cookie, and know just how valuable social media can be. BUT you’re not a fan of writing for it – and that’s okay! Let us take the writing reins while you get back to the fun stuff.

Your cup of tea if: You want funky blog posts and engaging social media captions that aligns with your business’s vibe and are happy to recruit someone else to do it. Note: we only do the writing, not the posting.

The Word of Advice

So you’re willing to brave the beast that is social media…but don’t really know where to start. Never fear, because Rust, your knight in shining bronzed armour, is here! We’ll teach you the ins and outs of Facebook, how to find the right #hashtag on Instagram and the benefits of schmoozing on LinkedIn. And if you ask really nicely, we’ll give you a few (or a dozen) tips on how to write consistent copy for your blog.

Your cup of tea if: you need some no-nonsense, helpful advice from a real human that you didn’t find 5 pages deep on Google. We’ll cover all the need to knows and then talk plants and music over coffee.

The Spritz

Seeking a refreshing blast of content for your business? Well search no more, because The Spritz is the mix for you. If you’re a seasoned sailor and have captained your business through many storms, it might be time for a sea change, or at the very least, a spritz of fresh words. We can spice up your content and give it the ‘spent the day at the beach’ glow that it truly deserves.

Your cup of tea if: Your web content is outdated or you’re looking to strengthen your voice on the interwebs. Or if you like sailing – we don’t mind.

The Maker

We love supporting the creative industries (who doesn’t?) and as a little high five to our fellow right-brainers, we’re giving a 10% discount to any solopreneurs or freelancers in the design industry. Getting out there can be TOUGH, and we love to make friends, so Rust is here to lighten the load – and share a cider with at the end of a big day.

Your cup of tea if: You’re a graphic designer, web wizard or still in the pre-press phase (studying) and need some copy for your personal or client work. Conditions apply.

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Check out what our wonderful clients have to say about us
(spoiler alert: it’s gooooood).

Just wanted to say thanks so much for my website copy. You made everything so easy. Like I said, I had never worked with a copywriter before so you made me feel very comfortable and at ease. You understood exactly what I wanted and how to portray my new brand niche. I can’t wait to relaunch my website soon. Thanks again, I will be back to use you again.

Kim Ryan, Founder @ Wild Seed Design

Working with Viv gave me a clear vision on what to do with my content, and how to roll it out and share it in a way that felt authentic to me.

Kylie de Waard, Owner @ Keto Kylie

Drooling over your copy! I looked at a few copywriters and LOVED your tone of voice - fun, fresh, clear. This (result) is better than I ever imagined. Honestly I feel very relieved. So thank you #rockstar!

Nik Welsh, Founder @ Tribe Equestrian

Love love love, you hit the nail on the head and a great intro into the ebook! The edits you made are bloody amazing!! It’s been captured perfectly!

Lisa Wallington, Founder @ Llama Creative Studio


What we do

Rust Creative write and manage words for creators. We work with clients to create authentic, engaging copy to use across their websites and social media channels. We also offer brand voice development, exploration sessions, blog writing and complementary cups of tea.



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We love working with small businesses and freelancers to define their voice and showcase their identity through words. Whether you're after a website copy refresher or in dire need of someone to take the reins of your blog - Rust is ready and waiting to help you out.



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