Are you sick of feeling…

Stuck and undervalued at your casual or corporate job.

Out of alignment with your current side hustle or passion projects.

Afraid to change things up for fear of judgement.

Uncertain when it comes to studying again.

Rejected for promotions or roles because you’re young and “inexperienced”.

Unsupported by friends, family or your partner.

Scared that you’ll never make your dreams a reality.

Ashamed because all your friends look like they have their shit together.

Unsure of how to turn your passion and creativity into a career.

Like you’re wasting your twenties.

Do you want to…

Wake up feeling energised and aligned.

Ditch your limiting beliefs.

Be held accountable and get shit done.

Walk into work everyday feeling like you’re meant to be there.

Confident in your choice to study – or not to study.

Feel empowered in your decisions and path.

Be supported wholeheartedly on your journey.

Invest in yourself and your future.

Embrace your passions and turn them into viable business ventures.

Know that you’re on the right path.

Enjoy your twenties and everything that comes with it.


Are you ready for the knowledge and tools to help find your purpose?

Yes! I’m ready to work 1:1 with Viv and find my purpose!

Yes, I’m ready to find my purpose through a group transformation!

Now that you’ve taken the first step to finding your purpose, it’s time to celebrate!

Our Mission

Rust Creative helps women in their twenties fast-track finding their purpose. Through 1:1 coaching, group programs and specialised resources, we offer women clarity and direction so that they can ENJOY the most exciting decade of their lives. And tea, always tea.


The Rust Woman

AKA Our Ideal Client.

She's a savvy twenty-something looking for a safe space to he heard and supported. She's confident that she can achieve her goals, but she doesn't know how she'll get there – yet. She KNOWS she has a purpose but needs a helping hand to uncover it.